New emerging british poets

A new resource for emerging poets, to bring poetry to more people

A new-driven resource for enthusiastic emerging poets and writers in disconnected and confusing digital landscapes, celebrates and promotes the poetry of today and of tomorrow. is for everyone interested in poetry. Whether you have just started out or you have been writing for a while. If you have an interest in poetry, you have just found a friendly community of like-minded aspiring writers, with features about poets and poetry, writing tips, advice and new writing from emerging poets.

Run by aspiring poets and addressed to aspiring poets interested in the arts, this is an ever-growing online community-building experiment dedicated to providing a place for aspiring poets and writers to improve the quality of their writing through discussion, honest critique, reviews, interviews and literary exercises. We have a reputation for providing a platform for emerging writers at the beginning of their careers to improve their abilities and share art works.

Here at, we help poets and writers at all stages of their careers to achieve their full potential, encouraging them to discuss and write poetry, attend poetry events and meet other writers from across the country. We list writing groups, professional writing workshops, online poetry treasures, competitions and online magazines which welcome entries from aspiring and emerging writers. Poetry competitions can be an excellent way of setting yourself a target as a poet. Having your poem chosen in a contest can boost to your confidence. Furthermore, most of the best poetry competitions in the UK offer interesting training opportunities to help you develop as a writer.

This is the right place to look for interesting opportunities for emerging poets and writers in English from all around the world. Like any writer, young writers write for a number of different reasons. If you are a secret poet, a scribbler, a wannabe novelist or an enthusiastic writer of poetry, poems and short stories, here you can meet other young writers and improve your skills. aims to promote the best of works in English by emerging writers and artists around the world as well as to discover and celebrate the best poetry.

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This online project is designed to challenge you to develop and improve your skills as a poet. We cater to aspiring poets and writers who wish for an exclusive showroom for their art work.

Keep checking our website for opportunities!

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